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SIZ sputtering target for high resistive anti static layer

Features of SIZ target

  • SIZ high resistive anti static layer is already used in mass production of in-cell touch LCD.
  • SIZ target lineup covers wide range of electrical resistivity from low to high.
  • SIZ material is designed based on a dielectric film used in the optical disc, its excellent transparency and reliability come from this origin.
  • Not only planar type target, rotary type is also in our product lineup.

Technical support enabled by our extensive skills and knowledge on sputtering

  • Technical data and film samples can be provided for potential customers on the stage of studying materials. We hope they get good understanding of SIZ.
  • SIZ target can be customized or optimized to obtain the electrical resistivity value suitable for customer's specification.
  • We have been working with many customers using SIZ target in large-scale production lines.
    We believe this experience should help all new customers to find best production conditions quickly and efficiently.
  • We help every customer successfully launch the mass production. Selling is not the finish for us.

We propose the targets according to customer’s requirement.
Please feel free to contact us.


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