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CuGa sputtering target

Provide a stable supply of excellent quality targets.

CuGa target is one of the key-materials for CIGS solar cells and has been drawing more attention in recent years.

  • Mitsubishi Materials' technology in casting and powder metallurgy is unique that has been gained from over 100 years of metal refining business.
  • Established recycle process of Ga metal

Mitsubishi Materials continuously provides a stable supply of excellent quality and affordable CuGa targets to solar cell manufacturers, taking an advantage of our own method to keep the low cost.

Advantages of CuGa target from Mitsubishi Materials

  • Consistent quality that achieves the world's highest solar cell conversion efficiency
  • Ga content is adjustable in a wide range
  • Adding high concentrated Na is possible with our unique technology
  • In addition to planer type of target, we offer cylindrical type for mass-production level
  • Established recycling process of used CuGaNaF targets

Mitsubishi Materials continues to thrive in our technology development in order to quickly respond to our customers with continuous demands for the latest materials.

Mitsubishi Materials has earned high trust from our customers by providing CuGa targets with a variety of features. Please contact us if you are in need for new materials for CIGS solar cells.

CuGa target


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