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Cu and Cu Alloy Sputtering Target

Accommodate various needs for more shapes and uses.

As an integrated manufacturer of copper, Mitsubishi Materials offers Cu targets and Cu alloy targets for wiring and its protective film for display and touch panels, optical absorption layer of solar cells and wiring of semiconductor.

Advantages of Cu and Cu alloy target from Mitsubishi Materials

  • Available in larger sizes
    * G10 size
    * Cylindrical targets over 3m length
  • Owning high-grade raw material procurement within our group companies, we are able to provide a stable supply of high-quality products.
  • Large-sized planar Cu alloy targets are available with improved corrosion resistance for protective film formation.

Please experience Mitsubishi Materials' high-quality Cu targets and Cu alloy targets that we created by dedicating all our strength as a material supplier.


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