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つくる、かえる、マテリアル つくる、かえる、マテリアル


With work beginning in 1873, this is our longest-running business area. We are involved in the smelting of copper concentrate imported from international sources, as well as of copper, gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other metals retrieved from domestically- and internationally-sourced E-scrap (discarded circuit boards) or "urban mines."
In recent years, we have increasingly focused on recycling resources from E-scrap as part of our effort to effectively use resources.

Electrolytic copper


Discarded circuit boards that contain valuable metals such as copper, gold and silver from home appliances, personal computers, mobile phones, smartphones, communication servers and other digital devices.
These discarded circuit boards are sourced both domestically and overseas, smelted, and thus effectively recycling valuable metals. We have the world's largest processing capacity*, and, in a world of increasing environmental awareness, are making a major contribution to the recycling of electronic devices in countries around the world.
*According to in-house research (as of April 2021)

Examples of E-scraps collected and processed

Copper and Copper Alloy

This business area involves the use of electrolytic copper produced through smelting as a raw material for the manufacture and sales of copper products such as strips and rods with superior properties. Copper products are used in a wide range of products, including electric vehicles, air conditioners and personal computers.
By developing and supplying new high quality, high performance products using our unique copper product development and manufacturing technologies, we are contributing to the development of the world's industries and social infrastructure.

Copper billets


CLEANBRIGHT®copper alloy has antiviral and antimicrobial properties, as well as resistance to discoloration. This makes it ideal for medical and public facilities, with its use also being extended to hotels and other facilities. It is a new solution that is revealing needs in entirely new fields.

Door handles (CLEANBRIGHT® adopted)


Roads, bridges, dams, airports, buildings: cement, the “skeleton of the city,” is indispensable in construction projects, and a key ingredient in the development of civilization. Our cement business includes the mining of limestone, the principal raw material; concrete and ready mixed concrete factories; transportation and sales; construction companies—we have built an organization covering a wide range of business with bases, not only in Japan, but also in other countries such as the US and Vietnam. 

Kyushu Plant

Contributing to the building of a recycling-oriented society, and disaster recovery

We actively take in difficult-to-treat waste products at our cement plants, and detoxify them using a high-temperature burning process at 1,450°C. Effectively reusing resources like this without generating secondary waste enables us to contribute to the establishment of a recycling-oriented society.  Cement also plays an active role in disaster control, both as the main material used in protective measures such as breakwaters and seawalls, as well as in the disposal of wastes resulting from earthquakes and other disasters.

Wood waste from Kumamoto
Earthquake used as alternative heat energy source for manufacturing cement

Electronic Materials
and Components

From smartphones, computers, home appliances to automobiles, semiconductors and electronics are involved in every part of our lives today. We provide high-value added electronic materials and components, created using cutting-edge nanotechnology to the semiconductor and electronics industries.

DBA insulated circuit substrates
used for xEV power semiconductor substrates

Sputtering target

Sputtering targets are a key material used for forming the thin films used in cutting-edge applications such as semiconductors or displays. The Sanda Plant has for many years provided a range of targets using our internally developed, highly-pure materials and advanced technologies. In particular, our silver alloy targets boast a high share of the smartphone OLED market, and therefore play a significant role in today’s mobile information society.

Sputtering target

Metalworking Solutions

Our work on this area began in 1931 with a cemented carbide tool released under the TRIDIA product name.
Today we manufacture and sell, both in Japan and overseas, cemented carbide tools for manufacturing metal parts for automobiles, aircrafts, medical equipment and other fields as well as for excavation work such as in mines and tunnels.
We are also working on the recycling of the rare metal tungsten from used cemented carbide products, helping to build a recycling-oriented society.

Expansion of the Metalworking Solution business


Our Metalworking Solution business is the most global of all our areas of activity, with sales and support systems established in some 60 countries around the world. At our technical centers at nine major locations, we provide a full range of solutions for our customers, including cutting testing, training, technical consultation and more.

Cemented carbide products


Aluminum has properties unlike other metals, such as its lightweight, corrosion resistant, thermally conductive and recyclable qualities, so it is widely used in both industrial products, and in items for daily use. Our aluminum business includes the melting, casting, rolling and even can-making processes, adding highly-precise technologies to provide the optimal properties and shapes demanded by our customers.

Aluminum foil containers

Aluminum cans

We provide a range of unique aluminum products—aluminum cans for beverages, aluminum bottles, embossed cans, etc.—with a variety of shapes, functions and designs depending on the needs of customers and consumers. Another business activity is CAN TO CAN, involving the collection and recycling used aluminum cans to new cans, which greatly reduces environmental impact.

Aluminum can bottles

Environment and Energy

In our energy business, we are involved in a variety of fields, including geothermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, solar power and others, all with a firm eye on the future of energy.
In environmental and recycling business, we operate a recycling plant jointly established with a home-appliance manufacturer, and, through cooperation with the different departments of our group, we are working to expand the recycling of materials such as fly ash, food waste bio-gasification and in other activities that will help us move to a recycling-oriented society.

Biogas power plant
New Energy Fujimino

Home appliance recycling

We engage in recycling business for home appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines at six companies and seven plants across Japan.
We have made automated processes using robots and AI technology for automatically unscrewing televisions, and automatic picking, sorting, and collection of disassembled parts flowing along conveyor belts.

Disassembly of LCD televisions

Affiliated Businesses

We are involved in a number of businesses supporting our core activities, including engineering and trading companies and regional promotion. The activities conducted include plant design and maintenance, sales of pure gold cards and pure silver clay, salt manufacturing, sports facility operations and the operation of tourist tunnels at mine sites.

Historic Site Osarizawa Mine

Pure gold cards

99.99% pure gold rolled to a thickness of 10 micron using our unique precision rolling technology, then laminated and design printed on them.
These thin plates are used for business cards, but in pure gold, an elegant pure gold certificates, and other special and prestigious gifts to showcase utmost respect.

Pure gold cards