Our forest is twice the size of
the area circled by the Yamanote line!


The forest land our company owns, approximately 14,403 hectares (35,591 acres), spreads across 31 locations around Japan. This is the largest privately-owned forest land in Japan, twice the size of the area circled by Tokyo’s famous Yamanote line, which encompasses the major part of the city. About half of this land is planted forests; the amount of carbon dioxide this vast forest land can fixate is about 50,000 tons* per year—the same as the annual emissions of 26,500 people!

Many rare animals inhabit the forests, including the white-tailed eagle, the black woodpecker, the Japanese crayfish and other animals, so they play a role in biodiversity. A portion of our forests are also within national parks, where they serve the national health as places for leisure and relaxation. Forests have other functions that are essential for a safe, comfortable life, such as prevention of landslides, mitigation of droughts and floods, the conservation of biodiversity, and other important roles. These values are equivalent to 40.3 billion yen* annually!

Our company also promotes forest maintenance activities such as thinning, then effectively using the wood resulting from that thinning. We also work to maximize the value of the forests we own by holding regional environmental events. These forests owned by the company are part of our contribution "For People, Society and the Earth"—it is "a material" that Mitsubishi Materials Group can be proud of!

  • *Based on our calculation

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