Supporting Japan from
the northern tip of Honshu Island


The Aomori Plant is located in Shiriyazaki, a cape on the very northern tip of Honshu, Japan’s main island. To the north is the Tsugaru Strait separating Honshu from Hokkaido, to the east is the Pacific Ocean. In winter temperatures can go down to -20°C, and because of the reefs here and strong winds that blow most of the year, it has been known from the past as a place that sailors fear. Because of these conditions, the Shiriyasaki Lighthouse, with one of the brightest lights in Japan, was built here—but the nature here is a masterpiece! Very close by the lighthouse is a monument marking the very northernmost tip of Honshu Island.

So why would a factory be built in this place? The reason is the sea. In addition to vast reserves of limestone, the raw materials for cement, this point is also a convenient one for transporting cement by sea to both the Pacific Ocean and Japan Sea sides of Japan. Northern life is much more than the tough environment! Shiriya cement has been used in the construction of the Shinkansen train lines, highways, power plants, countless skyscrapers—major works in northern and eastern Japan, from the late 1970s to today. Shipments today are heading out to serve the construction of the Hokkaido and Hokuriku Shinkansen lines. The Aomori Plant is the northern giant, working hard behind the scenes in the far north to support infrastructure development.