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Wirerod manufactured at Sakai Plant utilizing the SCR system is used for applications such as electronic wire, magnet wire, and trolley wire due to its high purity and almost flawless surface. The plant is not only capable of manufacturing tough-pitch copper, but also other copper alloys and ROX® (Oxygen-free copper wire rods).
Sakai Plant succeeded in manufacturing oxygen-free copper wirerod utilizing the SCR system for the first time in the world. Previously, oxygen-free wirerod wire and oxygen-free copper metals were manufactured using DIP forming or Extrusion. However, thanks to the SCR system, we can incorporate all manufacturing processes from melting to the finished wirerod in one continuous operation.

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About wirerod and wire size
We are able to manufacture copper wirerod and copper alloy wire in sizes ranging from 2.6 to 22 mm phi in diameter. Besides the following table, we can also manufacture wirerod with various kinds of rod diameter and chemical composition. Please contact us for details.

   Type  Diameter
Wirerod  Wirerod for ETP  8~22φ - C11000 
Wirerod for silver bearing copper ETP  8~22φ ~0.17%Ag C11300,C11400,C11500
Wirerod for tin bearing copper ETP  8~22φ ~0.30%Sn
Oxygen-free copper wirerod
 8~18φ - C10100,C10200 
Silver bearing oxygen-free copper wirerod
 8~22φ ~0.10%Ag C11300,C11400,C11500
Wire Drawing wire for ETP 2.6φ,3.2φ - C11000 
Drawing wire for silver bearing copper 2.6φ,3.2φ ~0.10%Ag C11300,C11400,C11500
Drawing wire for tin bearing copper. 2.6φ,3.2φ ~0.30%Sn -
Oxygen-free copper has an oxygen content of less than 10 ppm


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