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Environmental Policy Mitsubishi Materials introduces environmental improvements in-line with environmental policy and acquired ISO 14001 certification. We strive to minimize environmental impact.
Sakai Plant's environmental policy is based on the philosophy of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation. Each and every employee and division places the highest priority on environmental management activities, working to produce environmentally-friendly products that reduce environmental load, and valuing harmonious coexistence with both the earth and the local community based on our copper and copper alloy manufacturing activities. The following has been established to this effect.

 (1)  We strive to maintain & improve a sound environment through business activities.
    ①Reducing the emission of the greenhouse gas (CO2)
    ②3R (Reduce / Reuse / Recycle)
    ③the amount of industrial waste
    ④Intensify and infiltrate compliance
(2) We obey the regulation of environmental laws, agreements, and other regulations that this plant agrees to. 
(3) We prevent pollution, and preserve the environment as a contribution to local society.
(4) We accurately understand the environmental affect of business activities, enforce predetermined environmental conservation goals, and aim to continually improve the environment management system.
(5) All employees and plant workers recognize the basic notions, work to improve their environmental consciousness, and are educated to abide by the environmental policy.

EMS to implement our policy is applied to following subjects.
 Applicable Activity : Manufacturing of Copper and copper alloy products
 Applicable Area : Sakai plant site (3-1-9, Chikko-Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-City, Osaka Prefecture)
 Applicable person : Every employee and our subcontractor who work in Sakai plant site.
This environmental policy is available to the general public.

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Sakai Plant General Manager
Norio Usami