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Billets&Cakes Wirerod Anodes Semi& Finished Products

Our products are used in various commodities in daily life. We introduce to their usage and hope you to feel a close connection to Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.

Cellular phones
Nowadays, cellular phones are an indispensable part of everyday life and it is natural that we all carry one. Cellular phones have developed into a wide array of products with many useful functions. The tiny Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) used by cellular phones are a very important part of their design. The copper balls manufactured at this plant are used to create wiring for these printed circuit boards. As you know, (PCBs) are indispensable to all electric appliances. We boast the top share of copper Anodes for the PCB market in Japan. Our product may have been used in your PC or cellular phone.
Printed Circuit Boards Anodes

Let's think seriously about a rich future. Mitsubishi Materials Corporation also contributes to the development of environmentally-friendly hybrid, electric and other eco-cars that have become increasingly popular of late. The ideal car of the future must not only be safe, but must have a low environmental impact. Mitsubishi Materials Corporation's Sakai Plant produces a multitude of parts for such cars. In order to drive efficiently, the car's main motor needs to turn powerfully. In addition, it is also important that electric power is sent to the motor efficiently. We produce harness conductors, magnet wire, terminal connectors and other parts for these motors. Wire harness conductors act as the blood vessels, while coiled wire acts as the heart of the automobile's motor. These two vital parts are joined together by terminal connectors. All parts utilize high potential copper wire and high potential copper alloy manufactured by our company.

Magnet Wire Connectors


Personal Computers
The PCBs, lead frames, and terminals which are indispensable to personal computers are made from copper anodes, billets, and cakes manufactured at this plant. At the same time, our wire products are used in various cable and wiring items.In this way the most important parts of personal computers are comprised of copper products produced at Sakai Plant.

Connectors Lead Frames Cables

Trolley Wire
Trolley wire manufactured by Mitsubishi Materials Corporation plays a vital role in stabilizing the driving ability of trains, which are utilized as a convenient means of transportation. Trolley wire transmits electricity to bodies like trains through pantographs.Trolley wires made from our company's materials are also used by the bullet train.

Trolley Wire