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History of Sakai Plant

History of Sakai Plant
History prior to the establishment of Sakai Plant

Sakai Plant dates back to the establishment of Osaka Refinery in 1891 as a part of the Imperial Household Ministry's Ikuno branch, after which the plant was sold by the government and became a part of the old Mitsubishi Company that was adjacent to Osaka Mint, bringing us to the present Sakai Plant.

【Osaka Refinery in 1906】
During a period of about 100 years, Osaka Refinery experienced many reforms. The manufacture of Billets and Cakes started in 1950, and wirerods started in 1952.
【The casting of wire bars】 【The manufacture of wirerods in 1952】
【Osaka Refinery in 1955】

In 1971, Osaka Refinery adopted the SCR Copper Wirerods Manufacturing System for the first time in Japan. In addition, it adopted the DIP Forming Copper Wirerods Manufacturing System, which was developed by General Electric Corporation in the U.S. in 1976. Due to rapid urban development, we decided to relocate Osaka Refinery in the latter half of the 1980's to the new Seaside Industrial Zone located in Chikko-Shinmachi Sakai City, in Osaka Prefecture's mid-south. Osaka Amenity Park (OAP) and Teikoku Hotel were then built on the old refinery site.
【Osaka Refinery in 1989】
※You can see the forerunner of Osaka Mint at the bottom left of the picture.
【The Present Sakai Plant】