Mitsubishi Materials Southeast Asia Co., Ltd., commences operations

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (President: Akira Takeuchi, capital: ¥119.4 billion; hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “Mitsubishi Materials”) provides notice that the Company positively reorganized its Southeast Asia Regional Office and established Mitsubishi Materials Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “MMSEA”), which commences operations on April 1, 2015. MMSEA (location: Bangkok, Thailand) will serve as a Southeast Asian support center, or regional headquarters, for the Mitsubishi Materials Group.

“Strengthening global Competitiveness” was defined as a group-wide growth strategy in “Materials Premium 2016,” the Company’s medium-term management plan. This strategy calls for the expansion of production and sales locations with the aim of growing by enhancing business operations, centered on emerging countries. In line with this strategy, the Company considers Southeast Asia and South Asia to be of topmost importance from the standpoint of management strategy for the following reasons.

  • The region represents a key market, accounting for approximately 22%*1 of the Company's consolidated net sales.
  • Many of the Mitsubishi Materials Group’s key customers, including Japanese-affiliated automakers and home appliance manufacturers, are expanding their operations in this region, as the so-called “factory of the world.”
  • This market is slated for continued future expansion, against a backdrop of increasing populations and economic growth in the countries that make up the region.

Accordingly, the Company is working to create an optimal value chain that includes production and sales networks. The Company's growth strategy is steadily taking shape, as evidenced by the inauguration of a thermistor sensor manufacturing subsidiary in Laos in February 2015.

In the past, the Company's Southeast Asia Regional Office has primarily supported corporate activities for the 26 companies*2 in the Mitsubishi Materials Group conducting business in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and India. However, in tandem with the global acceleration of the Group's businesses, Mitsubishi Materials has recognized the need for a new structure to strengthen and cultivate the businesses of Group companies in the region.

By reorganizing the Southeast Asia Regional Office into MMSEA, Mitsubishi Materials aims to strengthen its business administration, including management policy penetration, corporate governance and compliance, for Group companies in the region.
Furthermore, the Company has tasked MMSEA with new functions, such as cross-divisional marketing and sales support. As a result, Mitsubishi Materials aims to create synergies unique to its position as a conglomerate, promoting further business growth of Group companies by pursuing the "Materials Premium." Going forward, through MMSEA, Mitsubishi Materials will continue working to expand its business in Southeast Asia and South Asia.

*1...Figure based on the accounts settlement for fiscal year ended March 31, 2014
*2...Subsidiaries and affiliated companies in which the Company owns 20% or more

【Overview of the New Company】

  1. Name:Mitsubishi Materials Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. (MMSEA)
  2. Location:Bangkok, Thailand
  3. Capital:10 million baht (Approx. ¥37 million)
  4. Representative:Yasunobu Suzuki
    (Senior Executive Officer and General Manager, Corporate Strategy Div., Mitsubishi Materials Corporation)
  5. Ownership:Mitsubishi Materials Corporation 100%
  6. Established:February 26, 2015
  7. Start of operations:April 1, 2015
  8. Employees:9
  9. Administrative jurisdiction:Southeast Asia and South Asia
  10. Operational activities:Administrative supervision of local Group companies,
    corporate operational support,
    cross-divisional marketing and sales support of Group products, etc.

Photo1: Panorama of the new company's offices Photo1: Panorama of the new company's offices

Photo2:MMSEA company logo Photo2:MMSEA company logo

Group companies located in Southeast Asia and South Asia Group companies located in Southeast Asia and South Asia

Country Segment Company name
Thailand Metals Sambo Shindo Thailand
Metals Kobelco & Materials
Copper Tube Thailand
AM & T MMC Tools Thailand
AM & T MMC Hardmetal Thailand
AM & T OTEC Thailand
EM & C MMC Electronics Thailand
Aluminum MALC-THAI
Aluminum Muang-Max Thailand
Aluminum Varopakorn Public
Other Ryoko Sangyo Thailand
India AM & T MMC Hardmetal India
AM & T Sona BLW Precision Forgings
Aluminum MA Extrusion India
Country Segment Company name
Indonesia Metals PT. Smelting
AM & T PT. MMC Metal Fabrication
Other PT. OTE Engineering Indonesia
Other PT. Ryoko Sangyo Indonesia
Malaysia Metals Ryoshindoh Manufacturing
Metals Kobelco & Materials
Copper Tube Malaysia
AM & T Diamet Klang Malaysia
EM & C MMC Erectronics Malaysia
Philippines Metals Gotoh Philippines
Metals Network Properties & Development
Vietnam Cement Nghi Son Cement
Cement Sakura Concretes Products
Laos EM & C MMC Electronics Lao