Final Report by the Accident Investigation Committee for the Explosion & Fire Accident occurred at Yokkaichi Plant

Since an explosion and fire accident occurred on 9th January, 2014 at Mitsubishi Materials' Yokkaichi Plant, we mourn the loss of lives by this accident and offer our sincere condolences to the bereaved families.
Furthermore, we offer our profound apologies to members of the local community, related authorities, customers and shareholders for the resulting inconvenience.

In response to the accident, our company established the Accident Investigation Committee on January 17th in order to clarify the cause of the explosion and fire, and to formulate measures to prevent reoccurrence. The committee is mainly composed of external academic experts and specialists with relevant knowledge and experience.
Through a series of 7 meetings held over a 5-month period, the Accident Investigation Committee reviewed test data and analysis results provided by Mitsubishi Materials and other outside laboratories. Based on this review, the Accident Investigation Committee issued the attached Final Report lists causes of the accident and recommendations for measures to prevent reoccurrence.