Ikuno Plant has received certificate of CFS (conflict-free smelter) for tin(Sn) from EICC

The Metals Company of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (President: Hiroshi Yao, Capital: 119.4 billion yen) has received certification of conflict-free smelter for tin bullion produced at the Ikuno Plant. Certification was acquired from the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), an international organization composed of electronics manufacturers.

From December 2012, our company began a CFS (Conflict-Free Smelter) program for tin bullion. CFS Programs are advocated by EICC for addressing conflict minerals. After completion of EICC auditing on January 31, 2014, we have received CFS certification on February 20. On the same day, our company's name was added to the tin conflict-free smelters list displayed on the EICC website.

In regards to conflict-free minerals, our company had already acquired certification of conflict-free minerals on gold bullion from the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) in August 2013. EICC promotes a certification system through the CFS Program. EICC and LBMA have agreed to cooperate for mutual certification.

Together with Mitsubishi gold which has already acquired certification of conflict-free minerals, acquirement of the new certification demonstrates that tin produced by our company is internationally recognized as conflict free by a third-party institution. We can promise our customers the supply of reliable tin bullion and gold bullion without involvement in conflict.

Our company conducts business under our corporate philosophy of “For people, society and the Earth.” When addressing the problem of conflict minerals, the actions of manufacturers at the top of the supply chain are very important. Through certification, our company fulfills our social responsibility by continuing to supply society with reliable materials.