Explosion and Fire at Yokkaichi Plant

In the afternoon of January 9th, an explosion and fire occurred at our Yokkaichi Plant. Fire was extinguished soon after, but five people died and another 12 were injured in the accident; those people included both subcontractors and our own employees. We offer our profound apologies for this disaster.

We mourn the loss of these lives and offer our sincerest condolences to the bereaved families as well as our earnest prayers for the recovery of those who were hurt in the accident. We also extend our sincerest apologies to community residents and other related parties for their significant inconvenience.

At present time, the cause of the accident is not known and, therefore, we are fully cooperating with the relevant authorities on the investigation and will implement appropriate measures in line with authorities' instructions.

The influence of the accident to customers is unclear at present. We will provide information with our stakeholders as soon as it becomes available.

Currently available information as of January 9th is as follows;

  1. Address and facilities involved in the accident:
    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation / Yokkaichi Plant,
    5 Mita-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie Prefecture, Japan
  2. Time and date of the accident:
    Explosion and Fire occurred; 14:05, January 9th (Thursday), 2014
  3. Background:
    A heat exchanger used in hydrogen recycle process had been dismantled from production line for cleaning. The explosion occurred when the lid was removed from the body of the equipment following pretreatment at a designated washing area.
  4. Casualties/Injured:
    Five dead (three Mitsubishi Materials employees and two for periodic subcontractors) 12 injured
    (10 Mitsubishi Materials employees, two subcontractors)
  5. Impact of the accident:
    The above mentioned heat exchanger was damaged in the explosion.
    There were no major damages on other surrounding equipment.