Information on Overseas Activities

United States

Community activities in line with local needs

Manager David Rib with the local paperManager David Rib with the local paper

Mitsubishi Cement Corp.
As Mitsubishi Cement Corp (California) celebrates its 25th anniversary as our core company in North America, it continues to engage in a range of community activities in line with local needs, including planting trees and protecting wild animals in the area around its limestone mine, and operating an educational fund.
A local paper, the Lucerne Valley Leader, regularly features the company's activities, and is currently running a dedicated series of articles called “Mitsubishi Minute.” A recent report on donations to expand the company's educational fund received a tremendous response.
Mitsubishi Cement Corp. is committed to communication with local people and will continue to fulfill its responsibilities as a community-oriented company in the future.

Supporting NPOs in the Local Community in Partnership with United Way

Employees providing services as part of Day of CaringEmployees providing services as part of “Day of Caring”

Mitsubishi Polycrystalline Silicon America Corp.
As a United Way Corporate Partner, Mitsubishi Polycrystalline Silicon America has been providing support for activities carried out by over 55 local community NPOs ever since it first started operating. The company and its employees both make donations every year. They also invite representatives from NPOs, and citizens on the receiving end of their services, to come and talk to employees about how their donations are used. Other activities include sending out teams of between 10 and 20 employees to provide services such as repairing aging buildings.



Wide-Ranging Activities in Support of Local Communities

Providing food and assistance for local people affected by flood damageProviding food and assistance for local people affected by flood damage

P.T. Smelting
P.T. Smelting set up in Indonesia in 1996, to tap into the country's extensive mineral resources. Having introduced the Mitsubishi Continuous Copper Smelting and Converting Process (Mitsubishi Process), it is now focused on becoming a 21st century smelter committed to eliminating pollution, operating efficiently and saving energy.
In the belief that management should be firmly rooted in the local community, P.T. Smelting is keen to recruit local employees and promote them to managerial positions, and is committed to promoting communication between labor and management. It also engages in a wide range of social contribution activities at the request of the local community. From providing food and assistance for those affected by flood damage, to helping to extend elementary schools, to offering vocational support for women learning to make handicrafts, the company's wide-ranging activities make a real difference to the development of local communities.



Learning what underprivileged children want and supporting education to help them get there

Children using donated desks and chairs in classChildren using donated desks and chairs in class

MMC Hard Metal India
MMC Hard Metal India engages in education support activities in rural areas of India.
Driven by a desire to provide better learning conditions for children attending lessons in an underdeveloped educational environment, activities include donating water purifiers, computers, desks, school bags and Braille books in line with needs at individual schools, and carrying out repairs to school buildings.
The company intends to keep on contributing to community development in the future, through improvements in areas such as education, healthcare and infrastructure.