High voltage DSP


•Very small size yet very high DC spark-over voltage
(1000, 1500, 2700, and 3000V)
•The DSP-272M passes 1200VAC - 3sec and the 1000VAC - 1minute test; the DSP-302M passes 1500VAC - 1min withstanding voltage test.
•Quick response for static surge and low limiting voltage.
•Small capacitance and excellent insulation resistance (100M Ω min)
•Stable for repeated static tests and in many environments.
•No polarity.
•No dark effect.



Part number DC spark-over voltage
Insuration resistance
Electrostatic capacitance
1kHz-6V max.
Surge current capacity
Surge life test AC withstanding voltage
DSP-102M 1,000V(800〜1,200) 100MΩmin. DC500V 1pF max. 300A 1500pF-0Ω-10kV
200 times
DSP-152M 1,500V(1,200〜1,800) -
DSP-272M 2,700V(2,160〜3,240) AC1,000V-1min.
DSP-302M 3,000V(2,400〜3,600) AC1,500V-1min.
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