High voltage DSP


•High DC spark-over voltage
(4types; 1000, 1500, 2700, 3000V) in spite of compact size.
•DSP-272M and DSP-302M each correspond to 1200volts rms 3seconds or 1000volts rms 1minute and 1500volts rms 1minute AC withstanding voltage tests respectively.
•Quick response for electrostatic surge and low limiting voltage.
•Small capacitance and excellent insulation resistance (100M Ω min)
•Stable for repeated electrostatic test conditions and environmental fluctuation.
•No polarity.
•No dark effect.



Part number DC spark-over voltage
Insuration resistance
Electrostatic capacitance
1kHz-6V max.
Surge current capacity
Surge life test AC withstanding voltage
DSP-102M 1,000V(800〜1,200) 100MΩmin. DC500V 1pF max. 300A 1500pF-0Ω-10kV
200 times
DSP-152M 1,500V(1,200〜1,800) -
DSP-272M 2,700V(2,160〜3,240) AC1,000V-1min.
DSP-302M 3,000V(2,400〜3,600) AC1,500V-1min.
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